Welcome to the revised website

This blog will be an occasional one to comment on developments related to the several interests I follow.

2013 has turned into a particularly interesting year:
-Hoares Bank moved into the redeveloped 40 Fleet Street, London for which I was client adviser;
-My first major building, the HQ of the Halifax Building Society completed in 1974, has been listed Grade II;
-The report produced for BIS and published by the CIC: ‘Growth through BIM’, was published on April 26th and is now on this site for free downloading. The report has led to a number of consultancy opportunities and speaking engagements;
-The RICS invited me to become a Fellow in their eminent members programme;
-BLP Insurance have appointed me a non-executive director. Insurance will be a factor in the future offer of the construction industry;
-Building magazine have commissioned a monthly blog-column centred on BIM matters;
-To mark the 30th anniversary of my first book on Atrium Buildings,and the 20th anniversary of the second one, I am working with Emap to bring out digital editions of them both. Books produced before digital working are invisible to the reader of today. Watch this space for the re-publication. This website will provide links;
-Emap have also put the book ‘City Architecture, redesigning the City of London 1991-2011’ online. A link to it will be added shortly.

Construction as an industry is changing fast. There is lots to talk about.