Blog update: February 2016

The highlight of early 2016 is the launch of my book BIM for Construction Clients, published by the NBS (RIBA Enterprises) in February. Much of my 2015 was spent researching and writing the book, which aims to help clients and their advisers to overcome barriers to making full use of BIM and thus driving strategic advantage.

Deploi BIM Strategies, a consultancy led by Kester Robinson, has appointed me as an Associate Director. Deploi assists architectural firms to develop their BIM usage, setting up systems and training staff. My role is to extend this to helping the clients of these firms to make good use of BIM and to extend Deploi’s service directly to clients. Where my knowledge is at managerial level, Deploi’s covers the technological side. Together we can cover both detail and the big picture.

In March 2014 I became chairman of the Joint Contracts Tribunal, the long-established consensus contract-writing body. JCT is owned by a balanced group of clients, consultants and general and specialist contractors and is the leading provider of standard forms of contract to the industry. In this role I have addressed the Danish Committee charged with revising their national contracts and the Scottish Building Contracts Committee, a member of JCT, at their annual conference. Plans for the future include developing contract forms suitable for the expected ways of working predicted in ‘Digital Built Britain’, the 2015 government report on the developing potential of digital technologies in the built environment. My quarterly JCT Newsletter articles can be found under Writings.

I have also been advising software house G3G, an SAP distributor, on the marketing of their BIM-related products. I have continued to support RICS forums, chairing their major CPD conference in December, attended by 400 delegates.