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Atrium Books

I became interested in the glazed interior courtyard and arcade in the 1970s whilst working on a mat-plan complex for Leyland Cars and after a visit to Portman’s Atlanta work.

A sabbatical after my first few years as a partner enabled me to research and write “Atrium Buildings, Development and Design” for the Architectural Press. It covered the historic (1790-1914) and the modern (1968-on) atriums, their roots and their technical design issues. The first edition came out in 1983 and the second in 1986. It was also published in the USA, Japan, Russia and Taiwan (ROC). Many lectures in the UK and Europe followed, with a Japanese tour in 1989.

The second book, “The Atrium Comes of Age”, was published by Longman in 1993. It covered two decades of modern atrium building in the colour missing from the first book and updated the history and fire safety areas. It was also published in the USA and Japan.

The books helped to make the idea ubiquitous. Both are long out of print but are now republished digitally to enable a new generation to access them. They are in page-turner format:

Atrium Buildings, Design and Development

The Atrium Comes of Age

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